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Established in 1975, JOULE Jewellers are retailers and designers of fine quality jewellery.

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As you search for quality diamonds, be assured of affordable costs as well at whitefleur. Our competitively priced certified diamonds are delivered promptly on time to your place.

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An extraordinary gift for the extraordinary person in your life.

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Joule – Bringing Jewellery to Life

We create dreams for women in engagement rings

Engagement with your dream woman is surely going to be one of the most cherished and memorable moment of life. The best way to have long lasting memories of the event as well as to please her while you pop up the question is to present her with an impressive engagement ring. Our stunning collection of all varieties of engagement rings such as diamond engagement rings, solitaire diamond engagement rings and three stone rings are crafted specially for making a lasting impression on women. The craftsmanship from well known professional ring designers ensures that you have access to a highly impressive collection of both the traditional and trendy ring designs at one shop.

Instant access to affordable quality jewellery

You do not have to shop elsewhere as we at are equipped with professional jewellers of high craftsmanship and we are well known for our expertise and services. Our increasing customer base is proof that you can fully depend on us for timely owning an impressive diamond engagement ring that she always was dreaming for. Joulediamonds are leading designers of bridal jewellery in London with its prestigious stores located at Hampstead and North-West London. For past many decades, customers have kept coming to us due to our proven services to them when offering them quality engagement rings and other jewellery.

In our trading practices, we have this belief that we must share our online benefits with them. This simply implies that with us you are doubly ensured of owning an otherwise expensive quality diamond engagement ring at competitive prices and within your financial reach.

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Diamond Colour

Colour is one of the four main characteristics of the 4 C’s of a diamond. It is important that a buyer does pay importance to the colour as it also determines the quality of a diamond. It is advisable that a buyer has some basic knowledge about the grading of colours of a diamond for a better understanding and be able to make the right choice.

A diamond which is chemical free and structurally perfect would be absolutely colourless with no hues. The colour grading scale of a diamond ranges from colourless to light yellow. There is a very delicate difference between a colour grade of a diamond to the other. Primarily the colour of the diamond gets affected by the impurities or structural imperfections formed naturally.

Bulk of diamonds that are mined, either have pale yellow or brown tinge which can be termed as normal colour range. Diamond which has highest grade of yellow and brown are called fancy colour diamonds. The diamonds which have absolutely no traces of impurities and are colourless have bright white appearance and are extremely expensive.

D-F: This is the highest colour grade and quite rare and is absolutely colourless.
G-J: It is near to colourless. This category of diamond may look colourless when mounted in white gold or platinum.
K-M: It has visible yellow or brownish tinge to it. This kind of diamond is not suggested especially for engagement rings and large sized stone.

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Diamond Cut

The cut of a diamond enhances its beauty and adds the dazzling sparkle. Considering shape and size to be the same is one of the most common mistakes that a buyer commits. The cut of a diamond refers to the symmetry, angle and proportions given to it internally to reflect the light to attain the brilliant spark.

Whereas the shape of a diamond refers to ones personal choice. The cut of a diamond austerely impacts its brilliance and also affects its price. The expertise of a diamond cutter gives such a cut which allows utmost amount of light to get reflected through the diamond. Mainly diamonds are given 58 facets cut and every facet has the potential to change a light ray’s. offers only the best cut of diamond. A diamond which is cut poorly will be less incandescent. For a better understanding of the cut please refer to the pictorial descriptions given below.

1. An excellent proportion cut of a diamond, would reflect light from one facet to another and then get dispersed from the top of the stone.
2. The light escapes from the other side of the facet if the cuts in a diamond are made too deep.
3. When the cuts are made too superficial, then the light escapes even before getting reflected

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As you search for quality diamonds, be assured of affordable costs as well at whitefleur. Our competitively priced certified diamonds are delivered promptly on time to your place. Diamond Earings […]

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